Karen Hood, Pulaski County Tourism Bureau; Class of 2013, Class Vice President

I am so glad I decided to enroll in Leadership Pulaski County. The education and insight gained and the new leaders I have met have made this a very enjoyable and beneficial journey.

Marsha Mercer, Fort Wood Hotels; Class of 2013

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pulaski County Leadership Program! What a great way to learn about all the positive things (too numerous to mention) our county has to offer. From educational opportunities, health care, Government entities, FLW, prosperous businesses, and fabulous fun things to do for the entire family. I knew all these opportunities were here, but it was very educational to get a close up and personal look at what Pulaski County has to offer! The tours were well thought out and interesting. The class room time was productive and mind provoking. I recommend the TRUE COLORS program. What a GREAT way to help us in the process of understanding each other. My true joy, I must say, was spending time with other passionate leaders of this "one of a kind" community. I am able to take this information and new skills back my team to share and grow!

Carol Welch, City of Waynesville; Class of 2013, Class President

The Leadership Program was a pleasant surprise. We have been immersed in Pulaski County and all that it has to offer and I hope that everyone will share what they have learned and encourage their employers, co-workers and friends to take the Leadership Program. I hope that in the not so distant future, many of our leaders will be graduates of the Leadership Pulaski County Program.

Katrina Lynch-Allen, Lynch's Furniture & Appliance; Class of 2013

Leadership Pulaski County has been a great experience for me to become more familiar with the Community overall. I've learned more about the key leaders in our Community in how they lead and where they want to lead us. The experience has been well worth it and I would highly recommend the program to others.

Molly Maxwell-Stribling, Value Place; Class of 2013

I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to participate in the Leadership Pulaski County program. The knowledge I have gained and the connections I have made with my fellow classmates and our various community organizations and their representatives will be a great asset to me and my business. I'm honored to be part of the first class of Pulaski County Leaders. Thank you Cecilia, Jenna, and the Chamber of Commerce for putting this program together. And thank you to all of our many sponsors for allowing us to learn and grow so that we can help our community and our organizations as well.

Ann Pondrom, Mercy Therapy Services; Class of 2013

Leadership Pulaski County has given me the opportunity to meet some great people that live/work in the community. It has also provided me with the opportunity to learn about additional ways that I can be involved and give back to our community.

Melissa Shelden, Westside Salon; Class of 2014, Class President

What a wonderful tool the Leadership Pulaski County class is. Not only do you learn from some really great leaders of our community, you learn about our community. You can take something from each leader back to your business to grow your business and to grow yourself. You have a great opportunity for personal growth in leadership skills, how you are programmed and how to deal with personalities that are different. You learn how different personalities are extremely important for a project and even your business. And how your leadership skills are sometimes different then you expected.
Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!!! You learn all the different organization within our community. And how each one of them are important to our community. Community involvement is what keeps your community growing. Finding the right fit for you is important so you can help that organization grow. Just getting involved and being passionate about what you believe in will give you a sense of pride.
Being a part of the Leadership Pulaski County class will help you to meet other community leaders and take you way out of your comfort zone at times. However, you become a stronger person threw all of it. You become a stronger leader for your community.

Theresa Steward, American Family Insurance Steward Agency; Class of 2014

I have learned something at each session that I have attended. Touring has been so beneficial from the tourism bureau to Barbie dolls! The volunteerism session was very educational. You hear about organizations all the time, but it was nice to have the insight into those and try to fit your personality into what organization you feel you could be helpful! I have SO enjoyed getting to know all my classmates. What a wonderful experience from going Zip lining for the first time to wrapping Christmas Gifts at the Angel Store…..no I can't come up with just ONE memory!

Art Connor, Ozark Property Inspection Services; Class of 2014

LPC is a very worthwhile experience where I got a broad understanding of county operations as well as many other leadership opportunities for giving back to the community.

Marti Yoshida, Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office; Class of 2014

We are very fortunate to have an opportunity like Leadership Pulaski County in this area. Where else can you go to meet with key community leaders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner-workings of Pulaski County? In a compressed amount of time, the course takes you from the military, to the local school system, and from local, city and state government to non-profits, tourism and the media. The course provides a supportive environment for learning with feedback, which allows class participants to take stock of their own leadership strengths, and seek out areas for individual improvement. I think the aspect that I enjoyed the most was meeting with other course participants and being among people from different backgrounds who share a common interest in doing their part to make a positive difference in our community. It's very inspiring.

Thank you Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber and Sponsors!

Taylor Olson, MsCOE Lifelong Learning Center; Class of 2014

The most valuable thing(s) I have taken away from the Leadership program would have to be the friendships and connections I've made with the people in my class and the some of the people we have met in our many classes. I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich history of Pulaski County.

Carrie Turner, Better Lives Today; Class of 2014

My thought...This class has expanded my knowledge of businesses, resources & the community throughout Pulaski County. A feel my time has been well spent.

Russ Dixon, Mid Missouri Credit Union; Class of 2014

Learning about the city administration of Waynesville and St Robert and the History was one aspect that was important to me. I enjoyed the farm visit too.

Beth Bellerby, Military Police Regimental Association; Class of 2014

I really enjoyed participating in this course. I have learned much more about Pulaski County and its amenities than I knew after living here for almost 9 years! Touring the different facilities and being educated on the inner workings of how the county operates has opened my mind and eyes to gain a better understanding of how each of the three communities (Ft. Leonard Wood, St. Robert, and Waynesville) along with other surrounding cities work hand in hand for the sake of its constituents. I value this opportunity as this course has enabled me to meet new people (both as classmates and other business professionals) and appreciate how each of us as individuals can cultivate our individual development and grow from others shared knowledge and experiences. Although I was told that social networking would be key in this course, I had no idea as to the level of exposure one could gain and I am very grateful for the windows of opportunities made available to each of us. This was a well-developed course and it has been an honor and privilege to be a member of Leadership Pulaski County Class 2.